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The Shaman Shack grew out of community. It has more or less evolved on its own, with some gentle direction from Bob Ray, out of the of actions and love of the recovering people here in Severna Park. At the bottom of this page is a link to a slideshow of the building improvement.


In the mid 90's, Bob was diagnosed with lung cancer. Bob had a close friend who traveled in Asia extensively. She had brought a single crystal bowl home like some which she had seen used for spiritual and healing purposes during her travels. To promote and accelerate Bob's healing process after removal of part of his lung, she began to ring the bowl for him on a fairly regular basis. His healing indeed accelerated, his smoking cravings subsided dramatically and he just plain felt better.


Shortly thereafter, a woman in Severna Park- another good friend- was diagnosed with breast cancer. Bob summoned his friend with the bowl, and together with the woman's husband and some friends they began to hold sessions to ring the bowl for her. While she did have a double radical mastectomy, the tumors had shrunken substantially and her recovery also was highly accelerated and much easier than the status quo. Several more people experienced this phenomenon over a couple of years. Bob had started holding Drum Circles in 1999 during which people would come and do shamanic drumming and meditations. He soon purchased another bowl of a different note, learning that each note corresponded to a certain chakra, and people began to come to hear the bowls after the drum circle. Materials, time, work, and money were donated to fix up what was a tool "shack" into a nice gathering place. Several donations paid for a complete set of chakra tuned bowls, and the bowl ringings began to pull people together in a whole new healing and loving community.

The Shaman Shack

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