The Shaman Shack

Dedicated to Healing Through Love

. The Shaman Shack is located in Severna Park, Maryland on Baltimore and Annapolis Boulevard, next to the Café Bretton.

Shaman Shack is a privately funded, not for profit organization, dedicated to mental, physical and most importantly, spiritual well-being. We are not affiliated with any particular secular organization and ALL are welcome to join us.

Schedule and Events

Hours starting Oct 4th
Sunday  3:00 p.m. Crystal Bowl Ringing Ceremony (Open)

A Native American style journey drumming circle begins the afternoon. We have found over the years that a brief drum session preceeding this ceremony allows us to all be in the same general vibrational page, so to speak. The bowl ringing is a non-denominational, spiritual-based guided meditation period.


*  Thursday Evening Stress Reduction (Private sessions are available by appointment)